Sound corporate governance

IDRC is guided by an international
Board of Governors, which provides our strategic direction, reviews all our activities, and approves budgets. The Canadian government appoints governors on the basis of their concern for, and expertise in science, management, and development issues.
The chairperson of IDRC’s board presents an annual report to Parliament through the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
IDRC’s day-to-day operations are overseen by the President, who is the chief executive officer. He also sits on the Board. The Senior Management Committee supports the President in setting objectives, overseeing programs, and directing staff.


Call for Proposals: IDRC, NIH collaborate on global environmental and occupational health program


IDRC is pleased to announce its collaboration with the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the Global Environmental and Occupational Health (GEOHealth) program. This call invites applications for parallel support from IDRC to GEOHealth Hub...

Research informs Egypt's telecommunications strategy


​Work championed by IDRC grantee Nagla Rizk contributed to Egypt’s strategy for open source software. In consultation with the private sector, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) is encouraging the use of open source...


IDRC event and live webcast
Dr Fraser Taylor, recipient of the 2014 Killam Prize in Social Sciences

Global Geospatial Information Management and Sustainable Development: Some Observations


Location determines a whole range of activities, whether economic, social, or cultural, everywhere in the world. Location is also a powerful way to organize many types of information, from population and soil patterns to climate change and roadways...

Trade economics conference marks 10th anniversary of Asian research network


The Asia-Pacific Research and Training Network on Trade (ARTNeT) is hosting a high-level conference to mark 10 years of contributions to research on trade in the region. The Asia-Pacific Trade Economists' Conference will provide an opportunity for...

IDRC funds researchers in the developing world so they can build healthier, more prosperous societies
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