Sound corporate governance

IDRC is guided by an international
Board of Governors, which provides our strategic direction, reviews all our activities, and approves budgets. The Canadian government appoints governors on the basis of their concern for, and expertise in science, management, and development issues.
The chairperson of IDRC’s board presents an annual report to Parliament through the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
IDRC’s day-to-day operations are overseen by the President, who is the chief executive officer. He also sits on the Board. The Senior Management Committee supports the President in setting objectives, overseeing programs, and directing staff.


Canadian researchers to share results at global AIDS conference


Canada’s International Development Research Centre is deeply saddened by the loss of top HIV/AIDS experts in the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 on July 17. They were on their way to Melbourne, Australia, to attend the 20th International AIDS...

Breakthrough study on neglected diseases in China


Researchers in China have produced the first comprehensive study of the geographical spread of 14 neglected tropical diseases in the country, their prevalence, and epidemic characteristics. The breakthrough research was published in the May 27, 2014...


Making Impact Evaluation Matter in Asia conference


IDRC is co-hosting an international impact evaluation conference in Manila, Philippines, in September 2014.The conference, Making impact evaluation matter: Better evidence for effective policies and programmes, will help promote a culture of...

IDRC grantees present research at the International Conference on Deltas in Times of Climate Change


Grantees of IDRC's Collaborative Adaptation Research Initiative in Africa and Asia (CARIAA) and Climate Change and Water (CCW) program will present their research at the second International Conference on Deltas in Times of Climate Change, September...

IDRC funds researchers in the developing world so they can build healthier, more prosperous societies
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