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Middle East and North Africa

IDRC’s Middle East and North Africa office in Cairo, Egypt, manages our activities in the region.

Every day, the region struggles with instability and conflict. Local economies are under strain, and for the most part, they rely too heavily on the oil industry. Many countries are depleting their natural resources at rates well above sustainable levels. Desertification, water scarcity, and food security are major concerns — and serious water problems remain unresolved.

Like the rest of the developing world, the Middle East and North Africa region is in search of answers. Our programming is designed to empower countries in the region through knowledge. Our support strengthens their ability to confront development challenges and find solutions — from Algeria to Yemen.

Latest Project

Regional Peace and Security Architecture: An Initiative for Building the Capacities of Security Agencies and Civil Society in Eastern Africa

This project will allow the Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE) to organize a regional round table for security sector professionals, researchers, and civil society organizations in the Eastern and Horn of Africa region. …

Latest Result

Sexual harassment in Cairo: The effectiveness of crowdsourced data

The challenge of collecting data on sensitive issues like gender-based violence is well-documented across the globe. Stigma and shame prevent many victims of sexual harassment from talking about or reporting these crimes. However, new technologies...


IDRC grantee appointed to advisory board of UNU institute


Salam Kawakibi, Deputy Director and Director of Research at the Arab Reform Initiative (ARI), was appointed to the advisory board of the United Nations University’s Institute on Globalization, Culture and Mobility. The Institute focuses on cultural...

Joint Canada-Israel Health Research Program


Canada’s International Development Research Centre, in collaboration with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), and the Israel Science Foundation (ISF) are pleased to announce the launch of the Canada-Israel Health Research Program. For...


Highlight: Think Tank Initiative's 2015 Exchange in Istanbul


The Think Tank Initiative's (TTI) 2015 Exchange brought together nearly 200 participants from across the globe. Representatives from 43 TTI-supported think tanks and a variety of donor organizations and research groups, policymakers, and opinion...

Highlight: Leadership in evaluation in the Middle East and North Africa


​The MENA Evaluation Network (EvalMENA) held its general assembly in Cairo on February 23-26, 2015, marking the beginning of the International Year of Evaluation. Started in 2011 with funding from IDRC, EvalMENA fosters the professional practice of...

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Communications and Media Relations Officer(Cairo, Egypt)


Lasting impacts:
Middle East and North Africa

Here are a few examples that show how IDRC-supported research in Middle East and North Africa has improved lives.
Knowledge, innovation, and solutions to improve the lives of people in the developing world
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